Recently rescued a border/collie, he had kennel cough. Was treated for it in the pound, and wasn’t getting better. Took him back to a vet 5 days later, with no improvement. Perscribed Antibiotics and cough tabs. No improvement in 3 days. Took him to a new vet, He said this dog was full of pnemonia. persc. more antibiotics, gave shot, and cough meds. No improvement, 2 days later, admitted him to last vets an. hosp. for 3 days. IV drugs and fluids. Brough home, no energy, was understandable. Then stopped eating & drinking. Finally, with syrynge, fed him pedialyte, brought some life back to him. Then, he started having trouble breathing. It was progressively getting worse over last 5 days. Yest. back to vet on emer. call. His tongue purple, gasping for air. Gave prednisone, albuterol, more antibiotics, had me take him home. LONG Rough night, returned to vet a 9am, they saw improvement, took Xray, same course of treatment. ? Has anyone ever had a dog do all this before? He’s only 5-6 month

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