Bailey and I want to send out a very sincere thanks to Ed Bond, Dr. Al Sears and Dr. Daniel Slaton for their participation in Bailey’s fight with distemper. Without you guys I don’t think Bailey would be here today.I had her for almost 5 weeks and watched her go through all the phases of distemper. She started with coughing pretty constantly. We started treating her for kennel cough. Then she started vomiting about every 4th meal and her eyes and nose became crusty. When she started with the green discharge from her nose ,the vet said she could be 50/50 distemper. We changed her antibiotic and started her on an eye ointment. He said when she started twitching we should probably put her down. I researched the disease and started her on some echinacea and golden seal and vitamins from various websites. I was cooking her chicken and scrambled eggs with hidden veggies. She never really lost her appetite, so that helped stay a little stronger. By the time I found the website about the spinal tap treatment by Dr. Sears she had just started her twitching. But I emailed Ed Bond, who got right back to me within 20 minutes with the names of 2 Dr.’s in Ventura County who have done this procedure, after neuro distemper had set in. Dr. Sears also emailed me to let me know it wasn’t 100%, but without it, it was 100% fatal. He wished us luck. We drove 4 hours to see Dr. Slaton who thought she was a pretty good candidate. Her lungs sounded good and he thought she could handle the

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