we just bought our dog yesterday….he was totally playful and energetic yesterday…..this morning when we woke up we noticed that his little stomach was heaving and that he was sounding as if he wanted to throw up but wouldnt….when he does it is a milky white color. he only wants to sleep and has no energy, no appetite and isnt really drinking much. we went to the vet and he said it was kennel cough and gave us antibiotics, but i was just wondering if anyone knew if these were common symptoms for kennel cough?? no appetite, energy etc? if anyone knows please let me know as i am worried about my little guy.
well guys thanks for all your help…we ended up taking him to a animal hospital…..his kennel cough turned into a pretty bad case of pneumonia…he has to stay there for a few days til hes all better…..im sad but he is getting the best treatment possible

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