Mia, a 3-year-old German Sheperd with pancreatic difficiency from the local kennel, was adopted by my family yesterday. We took her home and she slept in my room last night. At about 3 in the morning, Mia started making a hacking noise. It lasted for about a minute and nothing came up. I took her outside and she peed a few times and that was that.

About 10 this morning, Mia ate her breakfast with her pancreatic medicine mixed into it (I only mention the pancreas meds and deficiency in case it could be part of her problem.)
She went outside and began playing with our other german sheperd, 5-year-old Huey. After about 5 minutes of play, Mia began to make that awful hacking noise and threw up part of her breakfast. After a minute or two, Mia had hacked up about 5 or 6 varying sizes of puke puddles. Since then, she has been making that hacking noise and producing nothing (or on occasion, small puddles of spit-like upchuck.)

Are these symptoms of Kennel Cough?
I forgot to mention that Mia has turned down food this evening.

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