Long detailed Q, so apologies in advance.

So I’ve been trying to limit the chemicals, infectious agents, diseases, pesticides, toxins and whatnot my dogs ingest by being more selective about which vaccinations, flea/tick/heartworm meds I give them, not just haphazardly but following guidelines published by actual vets (albeit vets with a more homeopathic than mainstream philosophy). I’ve read several sources and adopted what seems to make sense and is corroborated.

Before my recent move, my 1.5 yr old dogs never circulated with ‘stranger’ dogs. They had their neighborhood friends, were never kennelled, never went to dog parks.

As such, we skipped the Bordatella vaccine.

Now that we’ve moved, our situation is different and we need (and want) to occassionally send our dogs to doggy day-care. The daycare we chose did not require Bordatella vaccinations.

Care to guess what happened next? Ruh Roh! our dogs promptly caught kennel cough and the house became a honky-tonk of honky dogs!

Now I know that kennel cough is nothing serious usually. Still, it leaves me with a decision to make.

Also – I’ve moved to NH, where according to our new vet – they do see a significant # of lyme disease cases, and of course lyme is bad news.

I’ve read the anti-Bordatella and anti-Lyme vaccination arguments …. but as of now I have changed my mind and I intend to give in and shoot my dogs up with both vaccines.

Anybody have a good argument against … or for? Something better than just the basic spiel?

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