Are there any laws protecting people adopting animals?

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My friend adopted a dog from a local pound. They told her that he was de-wormed, up to date on his shots and heart worm negative. She noticed over the course of a week that he coughed, sneezed and gagged alot so she took him to the vet. They said that he had kennel cough. He hadn’t been around any other animals in that short time so we knew it had come from the shelter. She brought the dog to my house where I have my own. He pottied on the floor and we noticed a worm in poop. To make sure we checked when he went to the bathroom later. Again we found a worm. She has a 9 month old daughter that was always touching the dog and he had been around my dog that whole night and day. We knew nothing about the disease and feared for both my dog and her baby. We asked advice and were told to take the dog to the pound and drop him off. He had a microchip so they were able to locate her and now are issuing her a citation for abandoment. The reason we took him was because she had already paid for his treatment of the kennel cough. and couldn’t afford to get him treated for something else. At this point he hadn’t had his vaccines or tests done because she had spent all of the money put aside for those treatments. We wanted the dog to have a chance and could think of nothing else but to give him back and hope someone could help him. She is now facing ,000 fine and 1 to 2 years in jail. We had no other choice, she has a baby. In the contract she signed it said that they do not guaruntee a healthy animal. When she signed they gave her a brief summary of the contract and never mentioned that. I am a witness to the gentleman sayin he was up to date and that all he needed was his rabies. We never got paperwork. There has to be a law out there protecting people from these shelters adopting out sick dogs or cats. I feel so bad for these poor animals and even worse for any animals they may come in contact with once rehomed. If they don’t tell you there is no guarantee how are you supposed to know? We asked the questions we believed were necessary, is he sick? are his shots up to date? Heart worm? But they never said anything. I think it should be against the law for these shelters to give out animals without checking them for sicknesses. It makes things worse for not only these families but the animals they may expose these diseases to. Please someone help I don’t want to see her go to jail because she tried to help this dog, she has a baby..

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