Okay so Titus has a runny nose and has had it for about 4 days and im a little concerned. I am wiping it out every time i see it and it looks like when we have colds, runny and yellow – so i just clean it with wipes. Other than this he is eating fine, his normal crazy self and is showing no other symptoms. All my pack have just recently been updated on the kennel cough jab/now it goes up the nose in a spray formula so its not really a jab anymore. BUT there is still a chance they can get it – just a reduced chance, does anyone know what a runny nose may indicate?

If so is there anything i can do that is natural, not that i am adverse to going to the vets when needed, he has already had 2 weeks of antibiotics only 1 month ago and hate pumping them with meds over small things, if we had a runny nose we would take honey and lemon and try and stop the cold in its tracks – anything i can do for Titus or does a runny nose indicate something serious?

All helpful answers appreciated.
It’s in the dog section – so he’s a dog!
– Lupin the Loopy she Wolf – thanks very helpful lol no intention of the rhyming;)

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