1 year old India our little min pin x chihuahua has kennel cough. Today is just day 1 and she is the worst out of our 3 dogs. Our 9 year old ridgeback staffy x has also contracted Kennel Cough . My 5 year old chihuahua seems to be ok so far. They all got a visit about 1 week ago from a puppy who had contracted Kennel Cough. Yet at that point we did not know what was wrong with the puppy yet the systems were the same. Kennel cough is a highly contagious respiratory condition thought to be caused by a bacteria called Bordatella. To recognise Kennel Cough here is an example of it. (watch video) Rikodeine Cough medicine bought from the chemist can ease the coughing. 1ml per 4kg is the dosage. You could try this first to not get stung with a vet bill. We chose not to take any chances on secondary infection and have also been prescribed an antibiotic paste for the little dog and tablets for my big dog. Jennie www.lovebitepet.spaces.live.com

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