We took in a 6 week old lab puppy who initially looked really healthy. We took her for her first puppy vaccination the following week and straight away she started to show symptoms of a cold. The vet also gave her kennel cough up her nose, so we first assumed it was a bad reaction to this, but after 4 days of her symptoms getting worse (runny nose and a cough) we took her back to the vets. The vet put her on antibiotics, but after 3 days her nose had got a lot worse and the discharge was green/yellow, so he did a test for Distemper- which came back positive.
It’s been 2 weeks of treatment and although her nose and eyes have mostly cleared up, she has now developed Pneumonia and yesterday started to display chewing gums fits. The vet has given her anti- seizure pills, which haven’t seemed to help so far- and she is having these fits every few hours- and then screaming in pain immediately after.
She is still eating and drinking normally and has had no signs of diarrhea or sickness. She is sleeping a lot and seems slightly disorientated, but still wants to play a lot. We are currently giving her Vit C to boost her immune system and have heard that oats can help dog’s nerves.
We are devistated this has happened (we lost a puppy due to intestine problems a month ago) and are desperate for any advice or similar cases from people. We have heard that this can continue for months, does anyone know how long the chewing gum phase usually lasts.
Aditional Info: we live in a small city in China and so have struggled to find a lot of medication, which is usually available in the west. My Chinese isn’t the best, but from what I understand the vets here don’t seem to fully understand the disease and have just adviced me to give her dry dog food (no suppliments) and have told me that chicken can be dangerous for dogs!

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