we took him to the vet and he has kennel cough, they prescribed an antibiotic and has been taking it for 2 days…last night it seemed as though he may have choked on his mucus and couldnt breathe he was gasping for air and his belly got huge, asd if he was breathing in and could not exhale…He finally calmed down after we hit him in between the shoulder blades and forced an exhale…he may have gotten too excited and could not control his mucus…the vet said he has to continue on the medication and gave me no other alternative…i keep him in the bathroom with the shower running to break it up and i purchased a humidifier for him….is there anything else i can do? the vet is no help and neither is the local emergency animal care…any home remedies for kennel cough? and why did his belly expand so much…i just want to help him but the vets in my area are NO HELP!! any advice is appreciated. thanks.
thank you to everyone for the great answers!! i do appreciate it
i spoke with my vet once again and he said it is normal behavior and that it is called ‘reverse sneezing’ ..thanks for eveyones help

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