This winter in spite of inoculations, all 5 of my dogs had kennel cough. Now the 3 that were the sickest have bladder infections, 1 has stones. Treatment with antibiotics, the 1 w/stones on prescription SD food for 1 mo. They are all doing well except they have gradually lost control of their bladders which Proin barely controls. All blood/urine tests are neg. for infections, diabetes, Cushing’s disease etc. I’m at my wit’s end. Any ideas?
These dogs are not related and range in age. They have been on 2 different antibiotics for 6-8 weeks-they are still taking them. Initially they had blood in their urine but do not now. All blood and urine tests indicate that there is now no infection present yet they continue to develop incontinance. The 3rd dog lost control tonight. They have not been on the same food and no recalls for anything they’ve eaten. They are active and playful. I just don’t know what is destroying their ability to control their bladders-I’m losing my mind! And I’ve spent a fortune at the vet with no end in sight.

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