It seems my 11 yr old lab mix has kennel cough. i read that it should go away on it’s own but she’s had it for like a month. How long does kennel cough last? i hear her do it at least 2 times a day, it sounds like this: She coughs a few times then gags but nothing comes up. Her appetite and energy levels are normal, and she has tested negative for heartworms. She doesn’t have any other symptoms of heart probs, just this cough. Anyone else had a dog with just the cough that didn’t go away?

Edit: i just realized kennel cough is highly contagious. i have a 9 yr old min pin that’s always with my lab and he has no coughing at all, he’s perfectly fine. Maybe it’s not kennel cough? Any thoughts (have a vet appointment made already so don’t say ‘take her to the vet’, just want similar experiences and answers)?

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