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Prince My Poodle 6 weeks old(kennel cough):-(

This is our new puppy when we first bought him home we noticed him gagging and coughing we took him to the vet and they gave him some meds with a steroid shot:-) he’s much better now!

Puglet’s Bronchitis and the ER VET CLINIC that tried to KILL HIM.

NEVER EVER EVER take your dog to the ANIMAL EMERGENCY CLINIC OF BRANDON (FL) unless its a absolute last ditch effort. I took my beloved aged pug dog there for what I thought was kennel cough (turns out I found out from his REAL vet that is trachael bronchitis-not pneumonia or kennel cough). The first few clips are not of his illness but what he looked like AFTER the ER VET CLINIC got done with him Before he left the house he was eating and drinking (and coughing and wheezing-thats why he went). I wanted an antibiotic and a bronchio-dialater. Instead they kept wanting more money ( to just walk in the door, for a bottle of pills that cost .00 in the real world that do nothing for his condition and they wanted to take a xray and charge 5.00 for it-also sent him home with a bottle of pills of the opiates which he has not been given a single one and flushed them!) Kept saying no to the overkill and their make a buck scare tactics, just wanted him comfortable till he could get in to see his own vet. They gave him a shot of a opiate that is used to put dogs out for surgery and SENT HIM HOME like this. Said it would help with his coughing, well it almost helped him stop coughing permanately. We called back due tho the extreme effects this shot was having on him and they said it should be out of his system by morning. I read that if dogs arent monitored under the effects of this drug their blood pressure can crash and they can die. He was like this for almost 3

Kennel Cough treatment?

This afternoon my dog started coughing. It’s a hacking cough like she is gagging usually associated with kennel cough. She is vaccinated against it but we go to the dog park frequently and I know it is not effective against all strains. She is active, eating normal, and appears healthy except for the cough every once in a while. I have read that many vets will just let it run its course, and that treatment isn’t necessary in mild cases. I would rather save the 0 if that’s what they will say lol. I just wanted some opinions perhaps from owners who have dealt with this before. Does letting it run it’s course work? Or what treatment did you use? I am going to take her to the vet if it persists or her appetite changes of course. Thank you 🙂
Yes I’m aware its highly contagious 🙂 No more dog park for us for a while lol
Of course I’m not a vet so I can’t be 100% sure but I am fairly certain that’s what it is. Heartworm is unlikely for her since she has been on preventative since she was old enough and stays inside. She just has that cough almost like something is caught in her throat. I’m setting an appointment just to be sure though.

What’s wrong with my dog ?! :(

PLEASE HELP! He’s a shitzu and he is 4 months old. Since I got him from the pet shop almost 3 weeks ago he has been coughing and gasping for breath.. I went to the vet several times and at first she thought it was kennel cough but she took an x-ray and it seems that he has an enlarged heart and a bit of fluid or mucus in his lungs so it could be a heart condition but its too early to tell since he is only just a puppy … if you’re an owner of the dog who had or has these symptoms can you pleaaase please tell me what my baby could have or how i can comfort him ? other than that he is very active and he eats well and he gets his medication daily .. I’m sorry for the bad quality.

Kennel Cough video

Video of Harry – a Yorkshire Terrier with Kennel Cough

I have a rescue dog from a shelter that apparently had kennel cough, no symtoms…but must be a carrier. Two of my dogs got sick and recieved meds from our vet..but the vet didnt say anything about giving meds to the carrier. She is suppose to get spayed on the 15th…is that possible ? or should i cancel the appt and let them know she is a carrier of kennel cough ? Whitney takes Evie to house call vet Dr. Armaiti May in Los Angeles for check ups, vaccinations, advice, and to be spayed. Dr. May speaks about how to know if a vegan dog is healthy and the advantages of spaying.

What is Canine Bordetella – Kennel cough is serious. Learn what causes it and what vaccinations prevent it and if your dog is at risk.

Protecting Your Dog From Kennel Cough – How to know if you shoudl get your dog or puppy vaccinated for bordetella or kennel cough.. Learn what causes it and what vaccinations prevent it and if your dog is at risk.

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Mimi bordetella

This is what you wake up to at 5:30am when you let your dog play with kennel cough ridden shelter dogs.

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Is it Kennel cough or can it something be else?

My dog ate a stick yesterday and he has been wheezing on and off like something is caught in his throat. I saw videos of what kennel cough sounds like, and he kinda sounds like that. Only it also sounds like hes trying to spit something up. Is that associated with kennel cough? And why isn’t my other dog doing the same thing. They are the same age and from the same litter. Both get their immunizations at the same time. Both are around the same dogs too. Someone told me to put on a glove and stick my hand down his throat. Don’t sound like a good idea. The vet will be open tomorrow. Please give me any idea on Wat to do till then.


I am getting anxious about my dog’s sneezing and runny nose!!! He’s been sneezing for 2 weeks now. He also snorts once in a while. He’s on antibiotics for 5 days. The doctor’s initial diagnosis was kennel cough. BUT, he always sneezes and has runny nose. He DOESN’T COUGH!!!!

He is also licking and biting his paws and other part of his body. THOUGH I’m not sure if it’s a sign of allergy or because of the ticks/fleas since I didn’t bather him for 2 weeks!!!

If it is allergy. He’s allergic to WHAT? I can’t identify the cause since he sneezes all the time and our house is not dusty!!!! I also don’t think it’s because of his food.

BTW, he also trembles when it’s cold. he’s a chihuahua. Is it normal for them to feel cold and tremble? It’s not distemper, too. I’m sure of it.



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My dog got kennel cough about 3 weeks ago so we took him to the vets and paid over £60 for a injection and some antibiotics, all i know is the anti biotics were baytrill or something like that, went to the vets again today and allthough they know the problem they want to get all these test etc done when all he needs is more tablets because they nearly cleared it. Does anybody know what they are so i can get them cheaper elsewhere because i refuse to pay them again when they should have sorted it the 1st time!!! thanks

I have three dogs, of which, none of them have ever been in a situation like a kennel within the last 2 or 3 years. For some reason, each of my dogs have a hacking cough every once in a while and it seems like they have flem stuck in their throat. They hack for a while and then stop. They probably do this at least once every other day or so. I thought it might be kennel cough, but this has been going on for at least the last six months to a year even. And I was under the impression that kennel cough doesn’t last long at all. Does anyone have any idea what this might be?

Chihuahua… kennel cough?

I have a 14 wk Chihuahua, she has been getting her shots regularly. She just received her 3rd set, including Bordetella. She received that shot 1 wk ago (nasal). 3 days ago she gagged up water with some bubbles (foamy, but not too much.) 2 nights ago she woke up sneezing and snoring (which she never snores..) This morning she had gunk in her tear ducts, watery cold nose, and sneezing still. She has done a louder cough/sneezish sound twice, I googled this and came up with Kennel Cough. Many sites telling me to wait it out, if I treat her with Antibiotics it wouldn’t do anything, since it is a virus, not a bacterial infection. It also said it would weaken her immune system, and possibly take her longer to fight off. I need opinions on what to do. I read some things on echinecea, vit C, gatorade? I just want to make sure I don’t overdose her with those vitamins (if possible), because she is only 2lbs. I called the vet, they want to do exams of course, more money for them!?