Scotty needs our help

Scotty came to us as a stray in February of this year. He came in scared and unsure of why he was all alone. In time Scotty has blossomed and truly bonded with our group of Volunteers and Animal Control Officers. He was fully Vaccinated, Neutered, had a 4DX test (all negative) and given his Kennel Cough Vaccine. We noticed he had a stiff gait so we had him X-rayed which all came back fine. Then BOOM he has gone into what we see as a full blown Allergy outbreak, his paws are so red he cannot walk most days. The problem is now we need to get him a complete allergy test and treat the pain and discomfort he is now in. PLEASE DONATE TO SCOTTY’S CARE – HE IS WORTH GOING THE EXTRA MILE.

Help Scotty

Scotty came to us as a stray in February of this year. He came in scared and unsure of why he was all alone. In time Scotty has blossomed and truly bonded with our group of Volunteers and Animal Control Officers. He was fully Vaccinated, Ne utered, had a 4DX test (all negative) and given his Kennel Cough Vaccine. We noticed he had a stiff gait so we had him X-rayed which all came back fine. Then BOOM he has gone into what we see as a full blown Allergy outbreak, his paws are so red he cannot walk most days. The problem is now we need to get him a complete allergy test and treat the pain and discomfort he is now in. PLEASE DONATE TO SCOTTY’S CARE – HE IS WORTH GOING THE EXTRA MILE.

My sad little coughing dog…

Our dog coughs incessently. This video doesn’t even represent the deep, hacking version. His little teeth chatter like crazy, and sometimes he coughs up clear and white phlegm. The vet ran x-rays and his lungs had a little bit of nastiness, but no pneumonia. Slightly enlarged heart, but she assures it’s just due to his age (he’s 13). She put him on Benadryl, Robitussin DM, and a bronchiodialator. We see some relief, but never completely. At first, I thought it was chronic bronchitis. Does anyone else have a dog with allergic reactions like this?

Kennel Cough

Yadi with Kennel Cough, despite her Bordetella vaccination.

Vet trip!

Second Vaccinations and Kennel Cough Vacs too, just before their first puppy club party!

My Sick Foster Beau-Bo

His head is shaking from neurological side effects from metronidazole. He came to me weighing in at only 16 pounds. I had to ship my own dog away for a week just to ensure Beau a stress free environment to recover and the safety of my Bug from the contagious giardia (Bug had all his vaccines, but just like the flu shot, bordetella isn’t 100%). He’s a fighter and I rooted for him during his struggle but he was able to fully recover from kennel cough, eye infection, ear infection, coccidia, and giardia to be a happy, healthy tank-of-a-Boston weighing nearly 30 pounds today! Needless to say, Beau and Bug are two pea’s in a pod and Beau was adopted into my family! Look on my channel for updates!

Abby Husky Shepherd Female DCAC 5/7/12 via Rainbow Connections

Abby DCAC She is a husky Shepherd mix female, 2-3 years old. She has scars on her back from abuse, but she is still a very trusting little soul. She has had her kennel cough, distemper and parvo vaccinations, but she is not spayed. She weighs about 45 pound. Come see her at: Douglas County Animal Control 1755 County Services Road Douglasville, GA 30134 Telephone #: 770-942-5961 Fax #: 770-942-5914 EMAIL: Operational Hours: Monday – Closed to the Public however Rescues Welcome Tuesday – Saturday 10 AM – 5 PM Sunday 2 PM – 5 PM The adoption fee for all dogs and cats is which includes a microchip fee. All pets are required to be spayed or neutered within six months of adoption. Yearly rabies vaccinations are also required. CASH OR CHECK ONLY!!!

Rose Valley Animal Care Hospital – Pet Vaccinations West Kelowna

Rose Valley Animal Care Hospital – Pet Vaccinations West Kelowna encourages responsible Pet Ownership and now offers 3 year Vaccination Programs. We offer numerous preventive health care options including Booster Shots for Canine & Feline Distemper, Parvovirus, Kennel Cough & Rabies, Heartworm Prevention, Flea & Tick Protection & DeWorming. Our friendly staff prides themselves in providing excellent customer service and offering our clients the most up to date education in all aspects of pet care. In addition to West Kelowna Pet Vaccinations we also offer a complete line of Therapeutic Pet Foods that when combined with a recommended preventive health care program creates the opportunity for your beloved companion to live a long and healthy life. Our Professional and Experienced team has the knowledge and expertise in West Kelowna Pet Vaccinations and Health Care programs and looks forward to providing your pet the best opportunity for a healthy life. Drop by and meet our Team Today! To find out more:

Cane Corso Rescue “Behren” in the Short Yard 06 03 2012

New rescue “Behren” (sounds like Baron) hanging out with me in the short yard getting some sun and getting accustomed to his new pack members through the fence. “Behren” is a 13 month old chestnut red Cane Corso who was rescued from a kill shelter in Pittsburgh on 06/01/2012. His saving was facilitated by Noreen Kohl who has Gentle Ben’s Giant Breed Rescue (Facebook & Petfinder sites) in Zelienople, PA. Noreen is a dear friend and a fellow dog rescuer. “Behren” owes his life to her saving him…we just gave him the happily ever after 🙂 “Behren” was HW+, had kennel cough, neutered, vaccinated and all within a month of entering the shelter. They did a fabulous job caring for him/treating him, but “Behren” was facing the possibility of being put down very soon because no one suitable was ever interested in him, and he also seems to have some orthopedic issues – hip dysplasia and possible torn cruciate(s). We also believe that “Behren” was de-barked which is a very cruel procedure…not to mention his home-cropping of his ears/tail by some backyard breeder/owners. In spite of being dumped at a kill shelter and having faced some serious medical challenges in the last month, he’s a very happy, LEGGY, super-smart, VERY HANDSOME, loving little boy. The Cane Corso (correctly pronounced “KAH-NAY KOR-SO”) is a Guardian Breed and not for first time or novice dog owners. In the right hands, they are a perfect family dog and protector…in the wrong hands they are very dominant and

Prince My Poodle 6 weeks old(kennel cough):-(

This is our new puppy when we first bought him home we noticed him gagging and coughing we took him to the vet and they gave him some meds with a steroid shot:-) he’s much better now!

Puglet’s Bronchitis and the ER VET CLINIC that tried to KILL HIM.

NEVER EVER EVER take your dog to the ANIMAL EMERGENCY CLINIC OF BRANDON (FL) unless its a absolute last ditch effort. I took my beloved aged pug dog there for what I thought was kennel cough (turns out I found out from his REAL vet that is trachael bronchitis-not pneumonia or kennel cough). The first few clips are not of his illness but what he looked like AFTER the ER VET CLINIC got done with him Before he left the house he was eating and drinking (and coughing and wheezing-thats why he went). I wanted an antibiotic and a bronchio-dialater. Instead they kept wanting more money ( to just walk in the door, for a bottle of pills that cost .00 in the real world that do nothing for his condition and they wanted to take a xray and charge 5.00 for it-also sent him home with a bottle of pills of the opiates which he has not been given a single one and flushed them!) Kept saying no to the overkill and their make a buck scare tactics, just wanted him comfortable till he could get in to see his own vet. They gave him a shot of a opiate that is used to put dogs out for surgery and SENT HIM HOME like this. Said it would help with his coughing, well it almost helped him stop coughing permanately. We called back due tho the extreme effects this shot was having on him and they said it should be out of his system by morning. I read that if dogs arent monitored under the effects of this drug their blood pressure can crash and they can die. He was like this for almost 3

Maltese Dog Gagging – Kennel Cough? Reverse Sneeze?

Our little guy Dexter, a 4 month old Toy Maltese has been acting up lately. For the past 2 days he’s been getting into these sequences of a snoring like sound to gagging. Happens intermittently…. from doing some research, seems like it can be a reverse sneeze or from what the vet said over the phone, a kennel cough which she advised us to turn off the A/C. We’re taking him to the vet tomorrow. Any suggestions? Please help!

My dogs got kennel cough

Both were vaccinated and brought to daycare for excercise. Within two weeks they both got kennel cough. This video was taken an hour before they went to the vet to be diagnosed. That was a week ago and retreiver recovered in two days. Young yellow lab still coughs when she rushes around.

Dog Coughing

My dog Ace was recently Diagnosed with Tracheal Collapse. A supposed common disease in small breed dogs. A couple of years ago she was diagnosed with a pretty significant heart murmur called myxomatous valve degeneration. Meaning the valves become insufficient in preventing the back flow of blood between the chambers of the heart. Her biggest problem at the moment is the Tracheal collapse. Treatment for her at the moment is being done medically, in other words with lots of medications. The vets will try to reduce the amount of coughing. This is a very very serious disease and should not be taken lightly by a pet owner. If you dog sounds like her, that honking goose like noise please take her to the vet. Surgery for Ace is out of the question she is too old and it is too expensive for common folk. When she has a bout of coughing and trouble getting in air, I rub and massage her to calm her down. You will find items that will trigger the coughing such as, eating or drinking, getting excited, exercise and at times when they wake up from sleeping they will do it. Ace does it all the time when she gets up. Her case is pretty serious. I am doing this video for her, a diary of sorts to try to help other people that love their pets and just need an answer. And Tracheal collapse can also mimic the sound of Kennel cough, so be advised. Really a vet needs an Xray to tell for sure. The information I give you will be what I have been given from a Veterinarian. So I am not making it up

Kennel Cough

Ming set in my room while guests arrive and usually she’d bark at the bring of her lungs, but I think she got a bad case of ‘Kennel Cough’, this have started to become a daily event the past week and we’ll see a vet about her lungs, I thought she were vaccinated.

Puppy Vaccinations by Veterinarian In Shorewood IL 60404 Puppy Dog Rabies Shots by Dr. Ken Overmeyer Hi. My name is Dr. Ken Overmeyer from Shorewood Animal Hospital in Shorewood, Illinois. Thanks for watching our video today. Today I will be talking a little bit about dog vaccination, from puppyhood to adulthood and our philosophy about it. There’s been a lot of controversy over vaccinations in the last 7-8 years, so we’d like to tell you how we, at Shorewood Animal Hospital, feel. First of all the first vaccination is usually given at 6-8 weeks of age, depending on whether or not the puppy has been exposed to numerous other dogs. If the puppy comes from a large population, the first vaccine is given at 6 weeks of age and a re-boost at 8 weeks of age. I will be talking about vaccinations from 8 weeks on and that’s typically what most of our dogs get. Puppy Dog Rabies Shots — Vaccines The vaccine that we use here at Shorewood Animal Hospital is called distemper and it really has 4 vaccines in it distemper, hepatitis, parvo and parainfluenza. We do not vaccinate for corona anymore since it is a self-limiting virus. If the dog gets it, it usually goes away. We really don’t want to give anymore vaccines that are unnecessary. So, we give our first distemper vaccine at 8 weeks of age. The next distemper vaccine is at 12 weeks of age, 4 weeks after the first one. At that point, we also give what is called bordetella commonly known as kennel cough vaccination. We only do this once. It is an intra-nasal vaccine and

Pet Allergies Worse Than Ever

An early spring has made for a particularly tough allergy season and people aren’t the only ones suffering. Pets are having a tough time too — including some which have never had symptoms before. So how to know if your pet may be suffering from seasonal allergies?A lot of pet owners – they may notice that their dogs or cats are scratching a lot more this season – that’s because allergies for pets are worse than they have ever been before- we spoke with one veterinarian who explains why allergy medicines and antihistamines are flying off the shelf – not just for the owners but also for the pets.Molly Druce says when her dog Booker starting coughing- she thought he might have kennel cough.Molly Druce says, “He kept getting it and that is not normal especially so young he is only a year and a half- so he should be more healthy than that.”But after a few visits to the vet other symptoms told the rest of the story. Druce says, “Eye boogers and everything and then also itches all the time.”Booker has allergies…. But he isn’t alone, Dr. Craig Prior at Murphy Road Animal Hospital says he has seen twice the amount of pets coming in with allergies. He blames the mild weather for allergies showing up in pets who have never had them before. Dr. Craig prior says, “It’s through constant exposure to something you may become allergic to it over time and that is why a dog that may have lived here for 2, 3 or 4 years and never had a problem suddenly becomes allergic.” Doctor prior says

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Meet Sheba a Australian Cattle Dog currently available for adoption at! 4/8/2011 3:22:11

LHS Resident Since: 2/07/11 Adoption Price: 0.00 Estimated Adult Weight: 45-55 pounds Sheba was part of a litter born here at LHS. She’s a fun, outgoing puppy who will be a great companion for children and other pets. She isn’t housebroken or leash-trained yet, so her new family needs to be aware that they are starting from scratch with this little girl! She’ll be an energetic, intelligent dog so her new family needs to be able to give her plenty of exercise and keep her mentally stimulated so she doesn’t become bored and destructive at home. All puppies need proper socialization and firm boundaries from their new families in order for them to grow into friendly, well-balanced family pets. If you are thinking about adopting a puppy, but have a busy lifestyle without a lot of “down time” please consider adopting a mature pet instead. Sheba is up-to-date on her distemper and kennel cough vaccines. Her distemper vaccine needs to be boostered every three to four weeks until she is over four months of age to ensure immunity. She has been given monthly heartworm prevention while under our care. Her new owner will be responsible for continuing her monthly heartworm prevention and making sure her vaccines and heartworm test are updated by a veterinarian every year.

My dogs Hacking/coughing from heart failure.