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Dog Coughing

My dog Ace was recently Diagnosed with Tracheal Collapse. A supposed common disease in small breed dogs. A couple of years ago she was diagnosed with a pretty significant heart murmur called myxomatous valve degeneration. Meaning the valves become insufficient in preventing the back flow of blood between the chambers of the heart. Her biggest problem at the moment is the Tracheal collapse. Treatment for her at the moment is being done medically, in other words with lots of medications. The vets will try to reduce the amount of coughing. This is a very very serious disease and should not be taken lightly by a pet owner. If you dog sounds like her, that honking goose like noise please take her to the vet. Surgery for Ace is out of the question she is too old and it is too expensive for common folk. When she has a bout of coughing and trouble getting in air, I rub and massage her to calm her down. You will find items that will trigger the coughing such as, eating or drinking, getting excited, exercise and at times when they wake up from sleeping they will do it. Ace does it all the time when she gets up. Her case is pretty serious. I am doing this video for her, a diary of sorts to try to help other people that love their pets and just need an answer. And Tracheal collapse can also mimic the sound of Kennel cough, so be advised. Really a vet needs an Xray to tell for sure. The information I give you will be what I have been given from a Veterinarian. So I am not making it up

Pet Allergies Worse Than Ever

An early spring has made for a particularly tough allergy season and people aren’t the only ones suffering. Pets are having a tough time too — including some which have never had symptoms before. So how to know if your pet may be suffering from seasonal allergies?A lot of pet owners – they may notice that their dogs or cats are scratching a lot more this season – that’s because allergies for pets are worse than they have ever been before- we spoke with one veterinarian who explains why allergy medicines and antihistamines are flying off the shelf – not just for the owners but also for the pets.Molly Druce says when her dog Booker starting coughing- she thought he might have kennel cough.Molly Druce says, “He kept getting it and that is not normal especially so young he is only a year and a half- so he should be more healthy than that.”But after a few visits to the vet other symptoms told the rest of the story. Druce says, “Eye boogers and everything and then also itches all the time.”Booker has allergies…. But he isn’t alone, Dr. Craig Prior at Murphy Road Animal Hospital says he has seen twice the amount of pets coming in with allergies. He blames the mild weather for allergies showing up in pets who have never had them before. Dr. Craig prior says, “It’s through constant exposure to something you may become allergic to it over time and that is why a dog that may have lived here for 2, 3 or 4 years and never had a problem suddenly becomes allergic.” Doctor prior says

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My dogs Hacking/coughing from heart failure.

Amoxicillin infection

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What’s wrong with my dog ?! :(

PLEASE HELP! He’s a shitzu and he is 4 months old. Since I got him from the pet shop almost 3 weeks ago he has been coughing and gasping for breath.. I went to the vet several times and at first she thought it was kennel cough but she took an x-ray and it seems that he has an enlarged heart and a bit of fluid or mucus in his lungs so it could be a heart condition but its too early to tell since he is only just a puppy … if you’re an owner of the dog who had or has these symptoms can you pleaaase please tell me what my baby could have or how i can comfort him ? other than that he is very active and he eats well and he gets his medication daily .. I’m sorry for the bad quality.

What Kennel Cough sounds and looks like

My new son Scooter who is a gorgeous pup came down with Kennel Cough 3 days after we purchased him. We thought at first he had something stuck in his throat. However after a few days of this naggy cough persisting we took him to the vet. He was diagnosed and given meds. Symptoms: Nagging cough and hacking Runny eyes Runny nose Lethargic – kind of… Wasn’t the same spunky fella we met when we bought him. He just looked like he didn’t feel good.

Justin’s Cough

This is Justin. More can be learned about him, and his tragic situation, by going here: He has a deep cough, and yellow nasal discharge. He was a recent shelter rescue, and we learned tonight he may have distemper, rather than our original thought of kennel cough. The shelter he came from has been closed down by the county due to disease outbreak. We did have him quarantined for nearly two weeks at a vet hospital prior to transport, but symptoms developed on the day of transport, after the left the clinic. Fortunately he was isolated since we got him, but we feel it’s a tragedy that his life will come to an end tomorrow because his former owner didn’t care enough about him to provide a simple .00 vaccine annually. Please vaccinate your pets, and contact me if you are having trouble affording them!

kettle cough

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Max Cough

Symptoms: Coughing increased regularity 10 to 20 times a day. Diagnoses: Miitral valve degeneration.

Pug with Kennel Cough

It is very very contagious.

Learn the symptoms of bloat in dogs in this free video. Expert: Elise McMahon Bio: Elise McMahon has a Ph.D. in animal behavior and has been working with both domestic and wild dogs since the early 1990s. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

Distemper toy poodle (Video 3) ~ breathing heavily

Video dated 11 October 2010 ~ YangYang had no obvious Phase I symptoms of distemper, ie diarheaa, cough, runny nose, etc although she experienced loss of appetite. She developed seizures (Phase II symptoms) around lunch time on 7 October. Four seizures within 3 hours, and was taken to the vet. She tested positive for distemper. We were praying it could be a false positive since she was “supposedly” vaccinated less than 3 weeks ago. She was put on antibiotics and an immunity booster. She ate heartily on 8 October (Hills Prescription Diet a/d) and seemed to be recovering. No seizures thereafter. Then she had diarheaa on 10 Oct and experienced heavy breathing (as captured in this video). We took her back to the vet on 11 October. Her antibiotics was changed. And her condition continued to deteriorate. She fought on, but died a couple of days later. We were too sad to want to capture the final moments, so this is her final video. We want to remember her as a cheerful and happy puppy.

Dog with Valley Fever Coughing

My dog has Valley Fever and this is what his cough sounded like.

Dogs that are fearful can often bite, so when dogs are being trained it’s important to let them know that there is nothing to be afraid of. Learn how to teach a dog a number of commands with help from a veterinarian in this free video on dog health and fear aggression. Expert: Gregory McDonald Contact: Bio: Dr. Gregory McDonald earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Ohio State University in 1979.

Dog Health : How to Tell if a Dog Has a Kidney Infection

If a dog has a kidney infection, there may be blood in its urine, she may be drinking more water than usual, and she may be urinating more than usual. Find out how a kidney infection can make a dog’s back tender to the touch with help from a veterinarian in this free video on dog kidney infections. Expert: Gregory McDonald Contact: Bio: Dr. Gregory McDonald earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Ohio State University in 1979.

Dog & Cat Diseases : Cat Hairball Symptoms

Cat hairballs come from cats grooming themselves, and long-haired cats will often get hair tied up in their gastrointestinal system. Look for vomiting and wheezing as a sign of hairballs in cats withhelp from a staff veterinarian in this free video on cat health and pet care. Expert: Dr. James Talbott Bio: Dr. James R. Talbott is a staff veterinarian at Belle Forest Animal Hospital and Kennel in Nashville, Tenn. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge

This is one of my dogs, Cocoa. She is a 5 month old mini dachshund. I am trying to find out if anyone knows what this cough is. She does it periodically without any rhyme or reason. It causes her chest to heave, her nose to flare and sounds like something coming out her nose. I took her to the vet and they really didn’t know what it was. She said it wasn’t kennel cough (never stayed away from home ever) or any serious thing and took some blood work that was all normal. She thought it may be a reverse sneeze….and told me to try an antihistamine….I’m not really convinced….any suggestions from any vet people out there?

Mimi bordetella

This is what you wake up to at 5:30am when you let your dog play with kennel cough ridden shelter dogs.

How to stop a dog’s asthma attack

This is Rocky my shit zu, i’m not sure if it’s asthma, kennel cough, or reverse sneezing as I have seen on other videos but I know that I found a way to help it stop. I open his mouth forcing him to breathe through his mouth. with my pointer and thumb i open his mouth gently. I feel the jaw tighter than usual when I do this as if it’s hard for him to open his mouth on his own. Once I open the mouth he stops. I hope this helps other pups out there. I have seen videos of dogs having these symptoms for like two minutes and hopefully with this trick it can help a lot of worried dog owners out there! If this continues frequently or for long periods of time I suggest you try a vet and get diagnosed. Best of luck!