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Wondering what to do for kennel cough? Visit to find some kennel cough treatments and avoid expensive visits to the vet cli…

What is Canine Dog Bordetella – Canine or dog bordetella is also known as kennel cough. Click the link above for full details on what kennel cough is and whether you need to vaccinate your dog or not.

Cali outside

Sorry this video is so horrible, I was trying out the video feature on my D90 but it does not have autofocus. I was zoomed in on her so my small movements look more like jerking around. Cali is a Husky and German Shepherd mix. She was about to be put down at a shelter for showing symptoms of Kennel Cough–she was just a year old (in 2006). We adopted her anyways, of course. She went to live with my dad in FL shortly after this video was taken; she recently (10/20/12) passed away after getting loose and being struck by a car. I’ll miss her very much.

Sheltie reverse sneeze

Reverse sneezing is usually a sudden, rapid forceful inhalation of air and is usually caused by allergies, irritants, excitement, or depression. It can also happen after drinking/eating, physical exertion, or pulling on the leash. Give Benadryl or Zyrtec to help relieve symptoms. For immediate relief, cover your dog’s nose with your hand so it breathes through the mouth. Episodes usually last for up to a couple of minutes and occur throughout the day; symptoms should subside within a few days. Always seek advice from the vet for worsening symptoms as there might be possible foreign bodies in the nasal passage. Our awesome vet informed us that kennel cough is a hacking cough with phlegm (usually frothy), discharge from the eyes, elevated temp, and/or fatigue.

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Symptoms of Kennel Cough – Symptoms of Kennel Cough Dog owners will agree with me that kennel cough seems to be an extremely worrisome illness in dogs. In actuality, kennel cough in dogs could be compared to a common cold in humans symptoms of kennel cough , homeopathic remedies for dogs, kennel…

How to Diagnose a Coughing Dog. Respiratory Infections Kennel Cough again? Respiratory Infection. Kennel Cough again? Antibiotics Vs. No Antibiotics If you recall when both Stetson and Linus had kennel cough I kept Linus off the antibiotics to see if his symptoms would clear up on their own. Here’s a link to that article:

Kennel Cough 3 month old puppy

Katie is 3 months old adopted from a rescue & has kennel cough. She is currently being treated. The rescue was unsure of her breed but we think a collie mix, she is small for her age. She is still eating, drinking & playing but is lethargic & frequently coughing, hacking, etc. Also has a runny nose & squeaks like a guinea pig

Kennel Cough OR Heartworm +

My foster dog Graham coughing. He’s been treated for KC but now I’m thinkin he’s HW+…

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German Shepherd Puppy – Kennel Cough at 5 months

Caught kennel cough (respiratory infection). Treated him with Children’s Benadryl (syrup), vet injection, amoxicillin, chicken broth and humidifier with Vicks. Thought this might help others see the signs/symptoms…always consult your vet first.

Video update Dog Parainfluenza outbreak WalksandWags, Villa, http Symptoms of parainfluenza virus included many general symptoms seen in other infections, viruses and diseases.This virus is commonly mistaken for kennel cough ,as the symptoms between the two are’s important to keep in mind that kennel cough usually produces no additional symptoms, other than the cough.symptoms to look for when parainfluenza virus is suspected are as follows, : Dry or hacking cough, that may worsen with activity, fever, difficulty with breathing, wheezing, runny nose, sneezing,runny eyes, eye inflammation, or conjunctivitis, possible pneumonia with depression,loss of appetite. And lethargy. DIAGNOSIS AND DIFFERENTIAYION When parainfluenza virus is suspected but only a cough exists, certain tests will be required to differentiate between kennel cough and the more serious parainfluenza virus.

Gavin DePaw –Brain Damaged Setter Puppy

From 1-07-11 You can see in this video how Gavin was showing some neurological issues–not being able to hold his head up and always wanting to swing his head left and right. We started him on doxycycline because of the suspicion of him being in fected with Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Pet Talk: Preventing kennel cough

Dr. Jen Klabunde with Northwood Animal Hospital breaks down the signs and symptoms of kennel cough in dogs and how pet owners can prevent the condition.

Picture 117

behtzie the basset reverse sneezing with kennel cough

Whooping Cough – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Treat whooping cough with natural home remedies by using either fenugreek seeds or garlic. For complete information check this short video from ! Visit us to discover over 1000 natural home remedies & information about symptoms & causes for over 200 common as well as chronic health conditions. SUBSCRIBE TO HOMEVEDA JOIN US ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: —————————– Whooping Cough: • It usually affects children between the ages of 1-5 years • This disease is contagious Symptoms to look for: • Severe coughing • Recurrent vomiting • Runny nose • Sneezing • Nasal congestion • Fever • Dry cough Causes: • Bacterial infection in the respiratory system • Transmitted from the infected person Natural home remedy using fenugreek seeds, ginger and honey: 1. Take 250 ml water 2. Add 1 tsp fenugreek seeds 3. Boil the water till it reduces to half 4. Strain the mixture 5. Add 1 tsp ginger juice 6. Add 1 tsp honey 7. Mix well 8. Drink this lukewarm Natural home remedy using garlic: 1. Garlic contains allicin which has anti-bacterial properties 2. Crush a few garlic cloves and make paste 3. Press this on a sieve and extract juice 4. Drink 1 tsp of this juice 3 times in a day Tips: • There is a high risk of dehydration in this condition • Hence, one should keep the body hydrated by: o Drinking 8-10 glasses of water everyday o Drinking juices and soups o Eating fruits with high water content

Reverse Sneeze Kennel Cough

Foster Dog Jasmine with Kennel Cough.

Kennel Cough Symptoms and Treatment Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian discusses kennel cough symptoms and treatment.

Maltese Dog Gagging – Kennel Cough? Reverse Sneeze?

Our little guy Dexter, a 4 month old Toy Maltese has been acting up lately. For the past 2 days he’s been getting into these sequences of a snoring like sound to gagging. Happens intermittently…. from doing some research, seems like it can be a reverse sneeze or from what the vet said over the phone, a kennel cough which she advised us to turn off the A/C. We’re taking him to the vet tomorrow. Any suggestions? Please help!