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We have a cavapoo puppy, she is now 14weeks old, two days after her first injection she started coughing so we took her to the vets the next day, they diagnosed kennel cough and sent us home with a weeks worth of antibiotics..they didn’t help at all and we returned a week later to be given more antibiotics, another week went by and we were given a different type of antibiotic as the cough was no better
After going back to the vet AGAIN they took her off the antibiotics completely to see how she goes and she is still coughing!! Throughout the whole time she has still been alert and playful and has been eating and drinking like normal and has gained weight.
The vets have recommended steroids if it still hasn’t changed by tomorrow but i wouldn’t like our little dog to be given even more tablets! She’s practically rattling from all the others! Any advice or home remedies would be really appreciated 🙂

Kennel Cough Home Remedy? Help?

Ok, so I am pretty sure my dog has Kennel Cough.He is a 3-4 year old English Springer Spaniel and he stayed at a doggie day care last week and ever since we picked him up, he has been throwing up and acting weird. Then yesterday afternoon he starting coughing and gagging nonstop. Nothing came out at first and now clear phlegm. We couldn’t take him to the vet yesterday because it was already too late and then I couldn’t sleep during the night. He kept coughing and I felt so bad, it looked painful. So i read on earthclinic.com about the remedies for Kennel Cough about the Honey/Peroxide mixture. I tried it out and I dont think I make it well but it worked! It worked for about an hour, and I read that it should stop from there. I have given him some more ever hour or so, and now he doesn’t cough/gag like crazy. But every now and then he will start "hacking" and I am not sure what to do. He spits out phlegm and the reason he keeps going is because now he wont take the Honey/Peroxide mixture. He doesnt drink it and I dont know how to feed it to him. He runs away, wont open his mouth when I get help, and I dont have the droppers to use. He can smell it and runs away. I also tried Robitussin DM but thats even worse for him. What is the correct dosage for these two remedies? I heard for the Honey/Peroxide mixture that it is with water, then without and also with Lemon. What are the correct ingredients? Do you add water? How can you get the dog to drink it without smelling it? How much honey etc.? Lol sorry for all the questions but I need answers, I would take him to the vet but everyone says that the antibiotics are useless and expensive. Please, how do you make the remedies and stuff? Please put details. Thank you so much in advance 😀
Look at the remedies on this website -> http://www.earthclinic.com/Pets/cough.html

Cure for kennel cough in puppies?

My 5 week old puppy has kennel cough(from his father) Its getting worse, and I have tried most home remedies. What should I do?

In November 2010, we adopted a Husky from a rescue. He starting coughing, puking…a lot(started white, moved to brown, then to green), gagging like something was stuck in his throat, and had frequent breathing attacks (straightens out his body, it kind of sounds like a motorcycle idling). When he sneezes he smacks his nose into the ground and snot goes flying everywhere. So we figured kennel cough. We brought him into the vet 4 days after rescuing him, and they stated that they didn’t think it was kennel cough, but they put him on antibiotics anyway. It helped for a little bit, but the symptoms always came back. After some more rigamarole with the vet, they biopsied his snot and found that he had a secondary infection(which happens if untreated for kennel cough). He was prescribed steroids (Prednisone?) and some more Doxycycline.. 7 months later and a bag full of empty antibiotic bottles and he is still in the same condition. I have tried every home remedy to help him.. Honey, Colloidal Silver, Echinacea, Yogurt, chicken broth. I have bleached anything that could tolerate bleach. I frequently wash the bedding and carry Lysol everywhere I go in the house. Nothing has helped. I let my husband know that one more trip to the vet for this dog, and I give up. He will need to go back to the shelter. It is not an allergic reaction to anything as we have changed food, treats, toys.. Now that it is warmer out, the symptoms are not kicking in as fast as it did when it was cold out. Right now his snot is brown, he’s coughing a lot, and it keeps him and us up all night. He frequently pukes the white foam(does have the brown snot in it) His appetite is normal, and he is drinking normal. He seems to be fine when he sleeps, and the symptoms kick in real bad once he wakes up and when he’s doing a lot of activity. Please help! I want more then anything to keep this dog, as he is sweet, caring, cuddly, and playful, but I am at my wits end.
I have no doubts that the dog is more sick of if then I am. I feel for this dog as it must be painful for him, as its heartbreaking for me to watch him go through this. I have been to 4 different vets. They all did the same treatments, and gave me to same information, which leads me to doubt anything they have to say.

Allergies.. don’t the signs usually go away during the winter months, which is when all of this has started?

His airways and his lungs are clear. There isn’t anywhere he can stay, without risking an infection to other dogs. I have another 2 year old husky that has been around and caught the kennel cough, and a couple of anitbotics and she is now fine. She is not showing any signs of infection that my other dog is.

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Home remedies for kennel cough?

My dog has kennel cough and is taking antibiotics. Does anyone know any home remedies to help ease the coughing or soothe his throat? Thanks so much!
he is a rescue dog from a local animal control.

Does My Dog Have A Cold?

My Chihuahua seems to have a cold.
When i feel her glands they seem swollen.
I have brewed some green tea for i have heard that it is good for your dog.
She is also making this coughing sound, but i have asked a few pet owners what this could be and they said it is common in chihuahuas. It cant be Kennel Cough I’m sure of that.
I was thinking to just take her to the vet but i think i want to try some home remedies before i start making this a big deal because it could just be a cold. I’m not sure if dogs can get colds but Some information would be great thanks!!

My dog has chronic bronchitis

My dog Parker has chronic bronchitis

Bronchial collapse in a dog (bronchoscopy)

The video starts at RB1 (bronchus to right cranial lobe). Collapse is evident with normal respiration. At 0:16, RB2 (right middle), RB3 (right caudal), and RB4 (accessory) come into view. Severe collapse of RB3 and RB4 can be seen particularly as the patient begins to cough. At 1:14, both mainstem bronchi can be seen from within the caudal trachea. Collapse of the trachea and mainstem bronchi were not observed at any time during the bronchoscopic exam. At 1:16, partial collapse of LB2 (left caudal) is seen.

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my dog has kennel cough?

We rescued an abused dog who appears to have a hacking cough. Now my dog who I have had for 10 years also has it with a low grade fever! Is there any home remedy for this or does both dogs need to go to the vet. I’m unemployed and money is scarce, however, I will take my dogs to the vet if I need to. How serious is this? Any suggestions is very much appreciated. Thanks!

we took him to the vet and he has kennel cough, they prescribed an antibiotic and has been taking it for 2 days…last night it seemed as though he may have choked on his mucus and couldnt breathe he was gasping for air and his belly got huge, asd if he was breathing in and could not exhale…He finally calmed down after we hit him in between the shoulder blades and forced an exhale…he may have gotten too excited and could not control his mucus…the vet said he has to continue on the medication and gave me no other alternative…i keep him in the bathroom with the shower running to break it up and i purchased a humidifier for him….is there anything else i can do? the vet is no help and neither is the local emergency animal care…any home remedies for kennel cough? and why did his belly expand so much…i just want to help him but the vets in my area are NO HELP!! any advice is appreciated. thanks.
thank you to everyone for the great answers!! i do appreciate it
i spoke with my vet once again and he said it is normal behavior and that it is called ‘reverse sneezing’ ..thanks for eveyones help

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How To Cure Your Pet?

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