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LHS Resident Since: 7/30/11* *Adoption Price: 0.00* *Current Weight: 65 pounds* *History: Surrendered because owner was transferred due to Military.* *Me…

Kennel Cough in Dogs

All Natural Dog Remedies – Visit to learn more about kennel cough in …

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What To Do For Kennel Cough-Kennel Cough Treatment

Wondering what to do for kennel cough? Visit to find some kennel cough treatments and avoid expensive visits to the vet cli…

Whooping Cough Vaccine

KBYU 11 News.

What is Canine Dog Bordetella – Canine or dog bordetella is also known as kennel cough. Click the link above for full details on what kennel cough is and whether you need to vaccinate your dog or not.

Cali outside

Sorry this video is so horrible, I was trying out the video feature on my D90 but it does not have autofocus. I was zoomed in on her so my small movements look more like jerking around. Cali is a Husky and German Shepherd mix. She was about to be put down at a shelter for showing symptoms of Kennel Cough–she was just a year old (in 2006). We adopted her anyways, of course. She went to live with my dad in FL shortly after this video was taken; she recently (10/20/12) passed away after getting loose and being struck by a car. I’ll miss her very much.

Lily Rose and Welly enjoying the sun :-)

Here’s our gorgeous Lily Rose (the little brindle girl), still looking for a home although she has someone very interested but because she’s had kennel cough we haven’t been able to do the dog to dog intro yet – so if you like the look of her please do get in touch as she may be available! Please message us here, email, or contact Jane on 07887 426997 if interested, and please share if you can’t take her yourself. All the usual things apply, home visit and rehoming fee, and she is vaccinated, will be speyed by us as she’s not long since finished her season, she is microchipped, wormed etc. Thanks for reading xx

Sheltie reverse sneeze

Reverse sneezing is usually a sudden, rapid forceful inhalation of air and is usually caused by allergies, irritants, excitement, or depression. It can also happen after drinking/eating, physical exertion, or pulling on the leash. Give Benadryl or Zyrtec to help relieve symptoms. For immediate relief, cover your dog’s nose with your hand so it breathes through the mouth. Episodes usually last for up to a couple of minutes and occur throughout the day; symptoms should subside within a few days. Always seek advice from the vet for worsening symptoms as there might be possible foreign bodies in the nasal passage. Our awesome vet informed us that kennel cough is a hacking cough with phlegm (usually frothy), discharge from the eyes, elevated temp, and/or fatigue.

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Montgomery County Animal Rescue Offering Free Vaccinations

DAYTON–Several pet owners brought their furry friends to the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center today. Anyone on public assistance got their shots free of charge, but everyone else still got a deal. Shots were only five dollars per animal. The center says these shots are essential to keep pets healthy throughout the year.If your pet spends a little time outdoors, can come in contact with just about any type of disease, so were vaccinated the most common pet-malities today, said Mark Kumpf, Director of the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center.Protection from common illnesses like kennel cough, the parva virus, and respiratory diseases were covered in today’s vaccinations.

Symptoms of Kennel Cough – Symptoms of Kennel Cough Dog owners will agree with me that kennel cough seems to be an extremely worrisome illness in dogs. In actuality, kennel cough in dogs could be compared to a common cold in humans symptoms of kennel cough , homeopathic remedies for dogs, kennel…

Treacle Coughing

Poor Treacle has Kennel Cough, an unpleasant infection of the respiratory tract. Do you notice how unusual his cough sounds?

How to Diagnose a Coughing Dog. Respiratory Infections Kennel Cough again? Respiratory Infection. Kennel Cough again? Antibiotics Vs. No Antibiotics If you recall when both Stetson and Linus had kennel cough I kept Linus off the antibiotics to see if his symptoms would clear up on their own. Here’s a link to that article:

Jasper~Louis takes a stroll

Jasper! Louis is now save at our vet in quarantine for two weeks. Since he has kennel cough he can’t be with other dogs even if they are vaccinated, they can get sick too! He is extremely under weight, has a rotten mouth that he will need several teeth extracted, a heart murmur that may improve a bit once the oral infection is cleared up. We did a full blood panel and urinalysis, should have results Monday. He will need a electrocardiograph (0) before he can have any surgery (neuter & dental) PLEASE DONATE FOR HIS CARE! *We are taking donations to our vet Nobhill Animal Hospital 954-226-5777 please make sure your donation is under GET A LIFE PET RESCUE! We will adjust the ChipIn amount as we receive donations to the vet. CLICK}

Rare dog flu hits the Capital Region

Chris GloningerBALLSTON SPA — It’s a relatively new virus for canines. “It’s been out there since 2004,” said Dr. Stephanie Todd from the Harmony Veterinary Clinic. Doctor Stephanie Todd is talking about canine influenza. “There are hot beds of it in New York City, especially in Brooklyn and in Denver, Colorado,” said Todd. Doctor Todd diagnosed the first confirmed case in the capital region and it all has to do with ‘Superstorm Sandy.’ “At least one truck load of dogs came up here after Sandy. The people really wanted to help the dogs, because the shelters down there are over filled. They needed to ship the dogs to other areas the trouble is you can import diseases that way,” said Todd. The virus isn’t spread through the air, but an infected canine can be highly contagious. “This virus is easily spread by contact with body fluids – sharing food dishes, water dishes,” said Todd. Doctor Todd told CBS6 that you’ll need to take your dog to the vet if he or she is experiencing a dry cough, the first symptom. It’s something to take seriously, since it can turn into pneumonia, which can be deadly. “The dogs with the short noses – the Bulldogs and the Boston terriers are at a higher risk,” said Todd. Todd does recommend that your dog be vaccinated if your holiday travel plans take you to Denver or New York City.CBS6 StaffEven mans best friend can be under the weather.Our partners at The Daily Gazette report that local veterinarians are seeing an influx of dogs infected by

Kennel Cough 3 month old puppy

Katie is 3 months old adopted from a rescue & has kennel cough. She is currently being treated. The rescue was unsure of her breed but we think a collie mix, she is small for her age. She is still eating, drinking & playing but is lethargic & frequently coughing, hacking, etc. Also has a runny nose & squeaks like a guinea pig

Ossum the Awesome fighting through Distemper. Comes quick, is very hard to fight once they get it, and is extremely fatal as well as very contagious to all other animals so get yours protected. Broke? Look for discount days near pet stores, Google for local pet clinics which could help. Get to the Vet. Get meds for what they can help with. We’re dosing her up with everything vitamin, goats milk, salmon, anything labeled brain health. Get Vaseline for nose, pads. Get pads for potty accidents. Be patient, give love, but make sure before this happens to get vaccinated. This girl from the local pound and was sick upon arriving at her new home. Diagnosed first as Kennel Cough, which was treated and seemed to be going away, and then BAM.

Kennel Cough OR Heartworm +

My foster dog Graham coughing. He’s been treated for KC but now I’m thinkin he’s HW+…

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